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Ezhill Ragesh

Front End Ninja

As a web developer, my expertise extends beyond crafting seamless and dynamic user experiences. Passionate about both coding and content, I share my insights through engaging blogs, creating a vibrant intersection of technology and storytelling in the digital realm. my resume awaits your click! Let's embark on an epic adventure together. Find me on..



SourceGuide provides curated beginner friendly GSoC issues and showcases 50+ open source programs. This project emphasizes community engagement and collaborative opportunities Build with next.js and typescript and shadcn ui. Received 10+ Starts on GitHub.


Developed AI-Tic-Tac-Toe, a game employing React for the UI, alongside Tailwind CSS. Implemented the minimax strategy, enhancing the AI opponent's decision-making.

Mutual Fund Info

Mutual Fund Search is a web application that allows users to search for mutual fund schemes and view their details. It utilizes a combination of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to provide a user-friendly interface and fetch data from an API.


RageshPicks is a user-friendly platform showcasing diverse music genres & artists. Browse, listen to tracks, & explore featured artists. Demonstrates passion for music & web development.


Pawsconnect: Hackathon project focused on animal rescue & adoption. Connected individuals, vets & dog lovers to aid animals in need. Facilitated adoptions & promoted responsible pet ownership.

Emoji Wall

Emoji Wall is a fun and interactive web project that allows users to create a personalized collection of emojis. Users can add their favorite emojis along with custom names and descriptions, resulting in a vibrant and expressive wall of emojis.